Public Safety - Safety is the cornerstone of government's responsibility. I will continue to support and work with our Police, Fire and EMS personnel to keep Matthews safe. Riding with police and training with the fire department has helped me better understand needs of both departments. I will fight to keep the best personnel, equipment, and support advanced training so that residences and businesses will continue to be protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Economic Development - I pledge my support to responsible economic development. Using economic development recommendations, I will create a pro-active plan to ensure progressive beneficial development, create jobs and support the balance of residential, commercial and industrial development. I will be strategic in the development of our limited land resources and proactive in attracting new business while preserving open green space. Ultimately, Matthews will have more high paying jobs and enable us to compete with other communities not only today but into the future.

Schools - I have supported neighborhood schools for many years. Schools in Matthews are some of the best in the entire county because of the involvement of the parents, students and residence of the town. I have a great working relationship with Dr. Pete Gorman. My efforts will remain centered around achieving and maintaining high standards in our schools. With two children in the CMS system, I have a vested interest in keeping the level of education superior for the families of Matthews.

Historic Preservation - As co-chair of the Historical Task Force I am involved in establishing a long range historical preservation advisory committee to set the foundation for preservation efforts. Preservation of our history will enhance the future as we blend heritage with responsible progressive development. Our past, present and future plans will coexist in Matthews to preserve our legacy for future generations.

Environmental - I will promote environmental initiatives to protect our community and save our natural resources. I will reduce the amount of trash sent to local landfills. Working with our Environmental Committee, I will develop, support and provide additional recycling opportunities at all Town sponsored events such as Movies in the Park and Summer Concerts. I will begin by providing plastic bottle and aluminum can receptacles alongside trash bins in all Town owned buildings. I will also work to provide bike racks at all town owned parks and facilities. I will reduce air and noise pollution by requiring that town owned vehicles are turned off instead of running idle while waiting to be used. I will continue to work with county officials to control sedimentation and floodway problems.