100% of Candidates for Town Council Endorse Jim Taylor for Mayor
Mayor Lee Myers Enthusiastically Endorses Jim Taylor for Mayor

All seven candidates running for a seat in Town Council, along with Mayor Myers, endorse Jim Taylor. With 100% support from the newly elected governing body of Matthews, Jim Taylor will lead Town Council to continue to make Matthews great.

Mayor Lee Myers
Mayor Town of Matthews

"I know what it takes to be the Mayor of Matthews. Jim Taylor has been preparing for the position of Mayor for 15 years. Jim is a friend and has been trusted adviser in all I have done for Matthews for the past 10 years. Without reservation, I enthusiastically endorse Jim Taylor. He is ready to be our new Mayor."

Dr. Peter Gorman

Charlotte Mecklenburg School Superintendent
"Your longstanding involvement in issues involving our schools, such as the recent public debate over the boundaries for the new high school, has helped us reach broad and important agreement with parents and the public."

"I look forward to continuing to work with you on future school issues for the benefit of the community we serve."

Senator Bob Rucho

State Senator - NC General Assembly
Former Commissioner Town of Matthews
Former Mecklenburg County Commissioner

Representative Jim Gulley

North Carolina House of Representatives - NC General Assembly, District 103
Former Commissioner Town of Matthews
"I saw Jim Taylor's work ethic when we served together on the board of the Matthews Volunteer Fire Department. He always put Matthews first in decisions he made. He worked hard to get the best possible outcome in every situation the board faced. He has my vote."

Representative Tricia Cotham

State Representative - NC General Assembly
"Experience, dedication and integrity are some of the qualities that I have seen in Jim Taylor. Jim is a passionate and dedicated advocate for all residents of Matthews."

"Jim has established connections with us in Raleigh. By working with Jim, we hear Matthews' concerns loud and clear. I have no doubt Jim will continue to move Matthews forward to even greater heights. I fully support Jim Taylor as Matthews next Mayor."

Commissioner Kress Query

Current Commissioner Town of Matthews
Former Mayor of Matthews
Former Mayor Pro-Tem
"As your former Mayor and current Commissioner, I know that Jim Taylor is eminently qualified to lead Matthews as its Mayor. Mr. Taylor is an established leader with the skills to bring people and groups together. His leadership ability combined with knowledge and experience and a vision of the future with a love of our past will keep Matthews a safe and affordable community."

Together, Jim Taylor and I will continue to work hard to keep Matthews a vibrant community. I am certain that he will serve our Town admirably as its next Mayor."

Commissioner Nancy LaFond

Current Commissioner Town of Matthews
"It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve on Town Council with Jim Taylor. I am always impressed by the scope of his knowledge of the town's history, procedures, and guidelines, as well as his ability to obtain additional information to help us formulate questions so we can make a more informed decision."

"Jim Taylor is the best choice for mayor. His experience and vision for Matthews will continue to lead us forward."

Commissioner Suzanne Gulley

Current Commissioner Town of Matthews
Former Mayor Pro-Tem
"Jim Taylor does his homework on the issues facing our council. He can be counted on to ask in-depth questions and the answers received provide information to assist us in making well-informed decisions to benefit Matthews."

Commissioner Jeff Miller

Current Commissioner Town of Matthews
"I feel that Jim Taylor is the most qualified Candidate to lead the town of
Matthews forward. He is a hard working diplomat that has the ability to
bring people together. His experience is an asset; he asks intelligent
questions and considers all points of view before making a decision."

"Jim Taylor and I will continue to work hard to keep Matthews strong."

Paul Bailey - Candidate for Commissioner

Candidate for Commissioner
Former Commissioner Town of Matthews
Former Mayor Pro-Tem
"I have known Jim Taylor and served with him for a number of years as a member of the Matthews Town Council. Jim's experience, honesty, and leadership will be invaluable in his service as the Mayor of Matthews. Together, Jim and I have been a part of a Town Board, which has produced so many great results for our citizens that they cannot be listed."

"I wholeheartedly support and endorse the election of Jim Taylor, Mayor of the Town of Matthews."

Martha Krauss / Karina Glass

Former Commissioners Town of Matthews
"Vision, direction and energy are some of the qualities that we have seen in Jim Taylor, as we served with him as members of the Matthews Town Council. As our Mayor, Jim will be a listener and an advocate for Matthews residents. We are proud to say we support Jim Taylor for Mayor and stand with him for the future of our community."

George Fossett

Former Commissioner Town of Matthews
"I have followed Mayor Pro Tem Jim Taylor's career on the Matthews Town Council with close interest. As a former Matthews Commissioner, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to render an opinion as to Jim Taylor's qualifications to perform the duties of Mayor. I have found him to be a consensus builder when there are divergent ideas. Jim has cultivated an excellent working relationship with state, county and municipal officials over the past several years that will be very useful as Mayor."

"He is a trusted individual who gives serious thought and consideration to every vote he casts. I am pleased to be able to publicly endorse him for Mayor of Matthews."